Erowa PowerChuck ER-024312 Extra Flat Profile Chuck w- 032819 Alignment Pallet


Erowa ER-024312 PowerChuck

Erowa ER-032819 Aligmnet Pallet

Chuck Features –

  • Model: ER-024312
  • Version: Extra Flat
  • Dimensions: Height = 51mm, Base Plate = 158mm x 198mm
  • Connections: On the side, or, at the rear with two lines
  • Operation: Airjet

Aligment Pallet –

 Model: ER-032819

Version: Pallet ø 115 mm, alignment length 110 mm, center borehole ø 12 mm.


Alignment of radial, axial and angular position of ITS chucks, PowerChuck P and PC 210 Combi chucks.

Very Well Maintained, As Pictured

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Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 7 in